True Position Calculator
This True Position Calculator is for determining the 2D circular amount of True Position tolerance that has been used. It will also analyze the position tolerance used relative to the allowable position tolerance according to the principles of the ASME Y14.5M-1994, Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T) guidelines.

1. Enter the measured distance the X & Y coordinates are Offset from the position specified on the part's drawing.*

2. Enter the Tolerance specified for the position tolerance on the part's drawing. Leave empty if an Analysis is not desired.*

3. Enter the Bonus tolerance if LMC or MMC is specified on the part's drawing. Example: Our drawing states to use MMC and we have a hole diameter and tolerance of 1.500 +.005 (MMC = 1.500 the smallest diameter). In addition, we have a positional tolerance of .015 applied at MMC. If the finished hole diameter ends up being 1.503" then enter 0.003 because the MMC Bonus tolerance is the actual finished hole diameter minus MMC (1.503 - 1.500 = 0.003). Leave this textbox empty if LMC or MMC is not specified or a value was not entered for the Tolerance of the previous step 2.*

4. Click Calculate to get the True Position and Analysis.

5. Click Clear to clear all values or click Reset just to clear the calculated results.

X Offset      Y Offset      Tolerance      Bonus  

True Position Tolerance Used =

* Inch or metric units can be entered as long as that same unit is entered everywhere. If inches are entered, inches will be returned. If millimeters are entered, millimeters will be returned.

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