Torque Units Conversion Calculator
This calculator is for converting units of torque when the specified torque unit doesn't match the unit of the available torque wrench or torque screwdriver.  N/A will appear with out-of-range values for common torquing instruments.

Select the Torque Unit to convert from.  Enter the torque Value to convert and click Calculate.  The Equivalents column will show the converted Value for all of the Torque Units.

 Abbr. Torque Unit: Equivalents:  
 Nm 0
 dNm 0
 cNm   [N cm] 0
 mkg   [kg m] 0
 cmkg [kg cm]  0
 ft lb    [lb ft] 0
 in lb   [lb in] 0
 in oz  [oz in] 0

Note: Great care has been made to make sure this calculator is accurate. However, due to human error, the user agrees to accept full responsibility to verify that the calculated results meet their requirements before using them.