Right-angled Triangle Calculator
Right-Angled Triangle
1. Select the Side or Angle to be found under the "Find" column.

2. Find the known sides or angle to the immeadiate right of the selected Side or Angle.

3. Enter the known sides or angle in the test boxes above the Calculate button.*

4. Click the Calculate button. The results are given in both inches and millimeters.

5. Click the Reset button to start over.

 Find Known Sides and Angles
b and A b and B b and c c and A c and B
a and Aa and B a and cc and A c and B
a and A a and B a and b b and A b and B
a and ba and c b and cB 
a and b a and c b and c A  

a b c A B

 Results =

* The angles must be greater than 0 and less than 90 degrees. The angles are accepted in decimal degrees. Example: 60.0001

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Note: Great care has been made to make sure this calculator is accurate. However, due to human error, the user agrees to accept full responsibility to verify that the calculated results meet their requirements before using them.