Introduction to CNC Control and Servo Loop Electronics
CNC Electronics
The electronics associated with CNC Machines are extensive but briefly, the computer, or Control is the electronic brains of the CNC machine. The Control can be a regular PC like those we have at home or, it can be a propriatary computer specifically built to be a CNC Controller.

Notice the image to right. With this configuration the Control can send commands that will result in the machine's servo motor positioning the axis accurately. This is accomplished by monitering feedback devices coupled to the axis that send back the axis position and velocity.

This process with the CNC Control commanding an axis motion, the axis feeding back position and velocity, and the Control adjusting according to that feedback is called the CNC Servo Loop. Aside from the servo loop, Controls are also capable of compensating for the machine's imperfections of positioning errors and other machine geometry errors to further improve accuracy.

CNC control's also send commands that turn the coolant off and on, automatically changes tools, measures parts with a probing device, and many other tasks. The control commands are dictated by a program that uses a specific programming language written for the task to perform.

CNC Machine Electronics! We've barely scratched the surface of the subject here but, that's the basic concept with the CNC Control and the command feedback process of the CNC Servo Loop.