Precision Electronic Levels
Electronic Level CNC Machines can require great accuracy because they are ultimately responsible for the quality of the finished parts. One of the areas that CNC Machines require this accuracy is in their own axes.

The axes are required to accurately position, move in a straight line, and be square with one another. Extremely accurate precision measuring Instruments are used to adjust and calibrate them. To the right is an precision electronic level used to remove the angular errors that negatively impact linear positioning, straightness, and in a specific way, the squareness of the perpendicular axes.

The precision electronic level shown above is being used to correct the angular Roll error such as that of X-Axis in the below picture. These levels measure within a few Arc Seconds of a degree.

An Arc Second is one 1,296,000th part of a 360 degree circle and one 3,600th part of a degree. One Arc Second equals 0.000005" (0.000004848") angular deviation per linear inch. In other words, if one end of an one inch long object where raised up one Arc Second, the high end will only be 0.000005" higher than the low end.

Pitch Yaw Roll